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Industry solutions

CELLYPSO is a professional solution for any industry.

With the help of the software of our system you can automate and expand business processes in your activity.

The solutions provided by CELLYPSO allow you to reach unprecedented heights in your business and take a leading position in the market of services and the sale of goods.

Our system software is already actively used in the hotel and commercial sectors.


Hotels & Restaurants

The hospitality industry consists of structures such as hotels, motels, guest house, restaurants, cafes and bars. It was developed to provide a comfortable service to visitors.

The automation of the hotel allows the owner to be informed about all changes and the current situation of his hotel business.

Hotel automation systems include modules and each module must regulate certain structures of the hotel (the lost and found, housekeeping, document history, hotel and staff management).

The remaining branch structures also optimize their work through professional experts of the CELLYPSO system, who specialize in current problems in the work of any type of activity.

Hospitality - CELLYPSO
Hospitality - CELLYPSO

Commercial sector

Domestic trade and foreign trade

One of the most important industries where complex solutions of our system are used - is the commercial sector. The main goal of the industry is the sale of goods and services.

The expansion and optimization of business processes in the commercial sector makes it possible to take the import and export of goods, as well as wholesale and retail trade, to a new level.

The CELLYPSO system software is suitable for any type of activity.

If you want your company to make only profits and not suffer losses, choose a modern web-based solution for handling business processes.

Commercial sector - CELLYPSO
Commercial sector - CELLYPSO