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Maintenance Management System

CELLYPSO offers an automated software solution that enables companies in various industries to optimize and develop their business processes. This has a direct impact on business performance and profit generation.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System

The CELLYPSO system consists of several modules that can be used individually or together. Irrespective of the size of the company and the existing organizational structures, these modules can be grouped together as required. One of these key modules is the Maintenance Management System.

This modern, automated system is ideal for:

The software stores all documents, operations and maintenance manuals in a central location for easy access when needed. It also includes maintenance scheduling and allows easy tracking of work orders and maintenance tasks for assets and equipment.

The advanced web-based program helps you make repair versus replacement decisions, reducing downtime and saving money by identifying small problems before they lead to complex failures and losses. With CELLYPSO you can manage your maintenance processes efficiently and effectively.

CELLYPSO Maintenance Management System - Tasks

Asset Management

Efficient management and maintenance of your assets

The CELLYPSO maintenance management system provides a comprehensive solution for the management and maintenance of your fixed assets. Whether it's a piece of equipment, a vehicle or any other asset, our software allows for easy customization and detailed tracking.

Each asset can be tagged with specific attributes such as color, serial number, purchase date, warranty expiration date, and service phone number. This information is structured and stored centrally so you can quickly access the information you need.

Our system provides the ability to link and visualize an asset's location with an interactive map. This greatly simplifies the management and maintenance of your assets.

The CELLYPSO maintenance management system stores the history of all work performed and planned actions. This enables efficient planning and execution of maintenance and repair work.

With our system, you can ensure that your assets are kept in optimal condition, reducing downtime and saving costs. It also helps you make informed decisions about repair or replacement actions by identifying small problems early, before they lead to complex failures and losses.

With CELLYPSO, you can increase the efficiency of your asset management and optimize your business processes.

Maintenance Plans

Efficient Planning for Optimal Maintenance

Maintenance plans are an integral part of an effective maintenance strategy. They contain a set of actions whose joint implementation leads to the fulfillment of the set tasks.

The CELLYPSO system allows the planning of repair and technical work on plant, equipment and inventory. In addition, the system includes the planning of human resources, i.e. the number of people assigned to carry out a given task.

In addition to the planning of spare parts and materials for maintenance, the maintenance plans allow the grouping of tasks by type of work. This makes it easier to separate technical work from repair work.

An effective maintenance plan identifies critical assets, determines the frequency of maintenance based on their importance, and creates a schedule based on this information. Scheduling allows for efficient tracking of work order progress and asset maintenance.

The CELLYPSO system provides a visual representation of the site with an interactive plan, further facilitating management and planning. In addition, the maintenance system stores information on work performed and planned actions.

The CELLYPSO maintenance management system enables you to make informed decisions, reduce downtime and save money by identifying small problems before they lead to complex failures and losses.

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Create current tasks and track task completion

Efficient task management and performance control

The CELLYPSO system is a central hub for creating, scheduling and monitoring tasks required for maintenance and repair. It provides a comprehensive platform for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance processes.

The software allows tasks to be effectively distributed, recurring and prioritized, and the progress of tasks to be tracked in real time. This enables quick response to delays or problems and ensures that tasks are completed on time and according to established standards.

The system's scheduling feature allows attention to be focused on tasks that are prioritized by level of completion and due date. This ensures that critical tasks are completed on time and that important tasks are not overlooked.

In addition to task management, the CELLYPSO system also provides extensive reporting capabilities. You can generate reports on planned and completed work, giving you a precise overview of your maintenance team's performance.

CELLYPSO software is more than just a task management tool - it's a comprehensive system that helps you improve the quality of your maintenance work while saving time and resources. With CELLYPSO, you can ensure that your maintenance processes run smoothly and efficiently.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System - Interactive floor plans and plots

Interactive floor plans and plots

A comprehensive tool for efficient design and management

Interactive maps and plots are an integral part of the CELLYPSO system. They allow you to add property plans and link them to specific projects. For example, a project such as a five-storey house can have five plans for each floor and an adjacent plan. Each house or project has its own plan.

The drawings are arranged in a tree structure that provides a complete overview of which drawings belong to which projects or project areas. This feature makes it possible to link tasks to their exact location in the plan, allowing for precise and efficient task management.

The visual representation of plans is available on both computers and mobile devices. It shows all assets or tasks to be performed and provides access to all relevant information. The CELLYPSO maintenance planning program greatly simplifies the process of interactive plans and plots, resulting in more efficient and effective management.

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Resource Planning

Optimize maintenance processes with effective resource planning

Resource planning is a key element of maintenance planning. The CELLYPSO system allows you to efficiently assign responsibilities for specific requests and to create teams to work on these requests.

The CELLYPSO Service Management System is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. It offers unprecedented flexibility and a user-friendly system, combined with optimal functionality and an interface that enables customized solutions.

With predictive resource planning, you can avoid wasting time on additional tasks. You can identify the resources you need, assign tasks to each available resource (based on profiles and skills), and create a projected budget. This allows you to efficiently control the execution of tasks, record time and evaluate the quality of work.

CELLYPSO's maintenance program makes it possible to track planned and executed work, distribute tasks efficiently, create recurring and priority tasks, and focus attention on tasks that are behind in terms of execution level and completion date.

Each work task contains the information necessary for professionals to effectively perform independent activities and assigned tasks. This ensures that the work leads to the desired qualitative result.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System - Asset Management

Inventory and Asset Management

Streamline inventory management for efficient maintenance and repair operations

Inventory plays a crucial role in planning the maintenance of equipment, inventory and other assets. The CELLYPSO system offers a comprehensive solution for inventory management, including the setting of minimum and maximum stock levels. This ensures that inventory and spare parts are always available in the quantities required to complete the work.

The CELLYPSO system is designed to automatically notify you of the need to order missing inventory or spare parts. This proactive inventory management helps avoid delays in maintenance and repair work and increases operational efficiency.

The automated system not only prevents downtime, but also enables faster work and troubleshooting. With CELLYPSO, you can optimize your inventory management and ensure that you always have the resources you need to carry out your maintenance and repair work efficiently.

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Reports and Analysis

Gain insight into your maintenance processes

Reports and analyses are essential to identify possible inconsistencies in the work and to analyze the actions carried out by the maintenance planning system. The CELLYPSO system provides a comprehensive database that automatically takes into account changes and adjustments and presents them in the form of interactive diagrams. This visual representation helps you to see the end result of asset maintenance.

Reporting in maintenance planning supports real estate management, monitors key indicators, performs cost analysis and helps to significantly reduce the company budget. Thanks to analytical indicators and reporting data, managers and owners are always informed about what is happening in the company.

With CELLYPSO it is possible at any time to generate reports on the work carried out and to create automatic task lists. A particular advantage of the system is the ability to view the status of all tasks performed with just one click. The reports help you to automatically summarize all tasks, including completion status, due date, attached comments and much more. This enables efficient and transparent management of your maintenance processes.

The application for employees

Mobile, efficient and easy to use

The CELLYPSO maintenance management software provides a mobile application for employees to plan and organize maintenance tasks. This mobile solution allows employees to create and manage tasks from anywhere, without being tied to a specific workstation. With just one click, new tasks can be created and assigned to team members.

When a team member changes the status of a task, other team members are automatically notified. This promotes efficient task distribution within the team and leads to more effective work execution.

The CELLYPSO application provides functions to add photos, enter text, change status, access documents and digital schedules, and calculate working time. These features help to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of the CELLYPSO maintenance management software are its mobility, ease of use and speed. It allows the rapid exchange of information between team members and offers significant benefits to each user of the system.

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