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Maintenance Management System

CELLYPSO includes automated software that enables business owners in various industries to optimize and enhance business processes that directly impact business performance and profit generation.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System

CELLYPSO includes several modules, each of which can be used individually or together. It can be grouped by modules, regardless of the size of the company and the availability of organizational units. One of the modules is the Maintenance Management System.

Modern automated system fits:

In the software, all documents, operating and maintenance manuals are kept in one place and can be retrieved at any time if needed.

The system includes maintenance planning. It is easy to track the progress of work orders and maintenance of assets (items that are physically controllable) and equipment on request.

The modern web program helps you make the right choice between repair or replacement, reduce downtime and save money by identifying small problems before they lead to complicated failures and losses.

CELLYPSO Maintenance Management System - Tasks

Asset Management

Asset management involves planning and organizing the maintenance and repair of things and items that a person may own. These are furniture, tools and real estate.

The CELLYPSO system includes the planning of maintenance of various assets.

The software makes it easy to customize assets regardless of type (equipment, vehicle, any other inventory).

In Maintenance, you can add the required attributes such as color, serial number, purchase date, warranty expiration date, service phone and other required information.

All documentation about assets is structured and stored in one place, so you can quickly access necessary information. Related information can be added to the program.

The maintenance program has the ability to link the site to an interactive map and visualize it.

In the maintenance system, the history of the work performed and information about future actions already planned is stored.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans include a set of actions, the joint implementation of which leads to the fulfillment of the set tasks.

The plans allow you to prescribe repair and technical works of assets, equipment and inventory. The system also includes planning of human resources, i.e. the number of people who will be employed in the execution of a particular task.

Planned are also spare parts and items for maintenance. Maintenance plans include the grouping of actions by type of work, which facilitates the process of separating technical and repair activities.

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Creation of current tasks and control of their execution

The main direction in the program of maintenance and repair

The CELLYPSO system includes staging and scheduling of required tasks.

In the software of planning of process of maintenance the control over fulfillment of the set tasks is provided, the registration of time is carried out and quality of work is judged.

The system allows you to keep reports on planned and executed work, effectively distribute tasks, create repetitive and priority tasks worth starting.

When planning maintenance, attention is first paid to the tasks that are ahead by the degree of execution and the date of completion.

Maintenance scheduling allows you to create, approve, delegate, and track work orders and preventive maintenance on demand.

Each work task contains the necessary information for professionals to perform independent activities and set tasks effectively. This is to ensure that the work leads to the qualitatively desired result.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System - Interactive floor plans and plots

Interactive floor plans and plots

Interactive floor plans and plots include:

  • Adding object plans
  • Linking plans with a project. For example, a project is - a house in five floors. The project can have 5 plans for all floors and an adjacent floor plan. Accordingly, another house is another project and the planning in it will be different.
  • Place the plan as a tree structure. These actions will give you a complete overview of which plans belong to which projects or project areas.
  • Linking of tasks with the exact position in the plan.
  • Visual view of plans on both computer and mobile device shows all assets or tasks to be completed and access to all information.

The CELLYPSO system maintenance planning program greatly facilitates the process of interactive floor plans and plots.

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Resource planning

One of the most important steps in planning is that of maintenance

In order to perform effective work in the system, the person responsible for a particular requirement is assigned and specified, a bond is created with the team that will work with the requirement.

The CELLYPSO Service Management System makes your work easier and more efficient.

The maintenance program offers unprecedented flexibility and a customer-friendly system, combined with optimal functionality as well as an interface that enables individual solutions.

When you plan resources in advance, you free yourself from wasting time on extra tasks.

CELLYPSO Computerized Maintenance Management System - Asset Management


Inventory helps schedule maintenance on equipment, inventory, and other assets.

In the CELLYPSO system software includes planning and organization of maintenance, including setting minimum and maximum values for inventory tracking. Inventory, spare parts should always be in the quantity necessary to perform the work.

In case of missing items, the maintenance planning system automatically informs about the need to order missing inventory or spare parts.

The automated system prevents the simple equipment, allows you to work faster, troubleshoot.

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Reports and analyses

Reports and analysis allow you to identify inaccuracies in the work, if any, to analyze the actions performed by the maintenance planning system.

The module of the CELLYPSO system contains a large database of information that is automatically processed taking into account changes and adjustments. The revised information comes out in the form of interactive diagrams. A vivid picture helps you to see the final result of asset maintenance.

Reporting in maintenance and repair scheduling helps manage real estate, monitor key indicators, perform cost analysis, and save the company's budget significantly.

Thanks to the analytical indicators and reporting data, managers and owners of business structures are always up to date on all matters taking place in the company.

You can generate reports on the completed work and create automatic task lists at any time.

The advantage of the system is that you have the possibility to see the status of all completed tasks with just one click.

Reports help you automatically combine all tasks, including completion status, end dates, attached comments, and more.

The application for employees

Support in the planning and organization of maintenance

Mobility allows you to create tasks anywhere without being tied to a specific area. With a click of a button, you can create new tasks during a meeting or on the go and assign them to project participants.

When the participants of the work team change the order status, the other professionals are automatically informed about it. Thus, there is a distribution of tasks between the team members, the work is performed more efficiently and brings the desired result.

The maintenance program offers functions for adding photos, specifying texts, changing status, accessing documents, digital plans and calculating working time.

Convenience, mobility, speed, high speed of exchange of the necessary information between participants of team - such advantages are received by each owner of the automated system of planning of maintenance.

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