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Personnel Management System

The CELLYPSO system is a modern solution that includes several modules for automating, optimizing and improving business processes. In any industry, human resources play a crucial role and the success of a company depends heavily on the performance of its employees. Efficient work leads to higher customer satisfaction and thus to higher profits for the owner.

CELLYPSO Personnel Management System

The CELLYPSO human resources management system is flexible and can be adapted to companies of any size, from small teams of just two people to large manufacturing companies with hundreds of employees. It can be used regardless of the company's sector and offers numerous advantages:

CELLYPSO Digital personnel file

Digital Personnel File

A Key Component of Human Resources Software

One of the components of the human resources management software is the digital personnel file. With CELLYPSO, you have access to all information about an employee: personal data, emergency contacts, documents, employment history, complete CV, etc.

The digital personnel file makes it possible to organize workflows in the HR department more efficiently. Automated processing can simplify and speed up the workflow of creating and managing personnel files. This saves the company time and money in the long run.

With CELLYPSO's digital personnel file, you can save on expensive archive space. An automated management system for the HR department saves space and creates additional room in the company.

It is no longer necessary to search for paper files in filing cabinets and sort them alphabetically. All information is stored electronically in digitized form, which saves a lot of time.

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Working Time Recording

Is essential to the efficient operation of any business.

Time recording is an essential element for the efficient operation of any business. The CELLYPSO automatic time recording system allows you to monitor the attendance of your employees and to record the time spent at work and outside of work.

With CELLYPSO, you can accurately record working hours and efficiently plan breaks. For example, a 60-minute break can be scheduled at the earliest 4 hours after starting work and a 20-minute break at the earliest 6 hours after starting work. Each company can define its own break times.

The CELLYPSO time recording system helps to reduce the times when employees do not pay enough attention to their work, such as longer lunch breaks or leaving the workplace earlier.

The CELLYPSO time and attendance system automatically keeps a digital record of the time that employees spend on their tasks.

The time recording system is fully integrated with the CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System as well as CELLYPSO - Housekeeping Management System, enabling seamless and efficient time recording.

CELLYPSO Attendance Management

Attendance Management

An Essential Component of Human Resource Management Software

Monitoring employee attendance is a critical aspect of human resource management, including vacation and sick time.

In the case of vacation requests, the software activates an automatic approval system managed by managers and/or other approvers. In the case of sick leave, the system allows the control and confirmation of sick leave requests.

The CELLYPSO system automatically monitors employees' attendance at work, generates relevant statistics and calculates the total number of hours spent on work tasks. This enables efficient working time management and helps to optimize business processes.

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Duty roster

Planning and Control

In any sector, the management is responsible for defining the working hours of its employees. With the CELLYPSO system, you can create intelligent work schedules for each day, adapted to the specific needs of your company.

The HR software allows flexible configuration of work schedules, from well-known models to customized solutions. For example, you can set up working hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or create shift systems with one workday and three days off.

The system automates all changes and adjustments and offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create and manage rosters. With CELLYPSO, you can efficiently manage your employees' working hours and ensure that all resources are used optimally.

In addition, CELLYPSO HR software allows you to digitally document each employee's vacation, sick leave and personal circumstances. This facilitates planning and ensures transparent and efficient working time management.

With CELLYPSO, you always have an overview of your employees' working hours and can ensure that your company operates efficiently and productively.

CELLYPSO Personnel Management System - Internal news and information

Internal News and Information

A key element in optimizing the work of all employees

The ability to access company news at any time is an essential aspect of internal communication. With CELLYPSO, employees can be reminded of safety instructions or important job characteristics of a position, or receive information about an additional service or product.

For example, a hotel may have a swimming pool, pool table or spa with fixed opening hours. In other industries, it may be information about a new product and a description of its unique features, such as a new phone model with the latest features.

Access to information about new hires or birthdays and anniversaries is important to promote company culture and employee cohesion. With CELLYPSO you can efficiently manage and provide this information.

The CELLYPSO software allows you to efficiently manage and distribute internal news and information, improving internal communication and strengthening corporate culture.

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App for employees

A mobile and convenient way to manage your work efficiently

The CELLYPSO app for employees is a mobile and convenient way to manage work efficiently. It is installed on the mobile phone and employees can log in and out themselves. If necessary, there is also a geographical restriction. For example, employees can log in and out within 200 meters of the company's location.

With the CELLYPSO HR management software, each employee can plan his or her vacation, call in sick and send in sick notes without having to come to the company in person. Managers have the possibility to approve an employee's absence (vacation).

Employees can communicate with each other via SMS using the integrated corporate messenger.

Employees can communicate with each other via text messages using the integrated messenger.

The application is fully integrated with all CELLYPSO modules, including CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System and CELLYPSO - Housekeeping Management System , based on employee access rights.

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