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Personnel Management System

The modern CELLYPSO system includes several modules in the area of automation, optimization and extension of business processes.

CELLYPSO Personnel Management System

Personnel has the leading role in any industry.

The status of the company depends on its employees. Effectively performed work leads to more customers and thus brings more profit for the owner.

The CELLYPSO personnel management program is suitable regardless of the number of permanent employees and the company's industry. You can use the system in different business areas with a number of two people up to large mass production employees, where hundreds of employees are employed.

The certain advantages of the CELLYPSO personnel management system are:

CELLYPSO Digital personnel file

Digital personnel file

One of the components in the human resources software

The CELLYPSO system allows you to keep complete information about the employee: personal data, contacts for emergency communication, documents, work experience, a complete resume, etc.

he digital activity profile of an employee includes the storage of personnel files in electronic form through automated software. All the usual piles of paper remain in the past.

The system stores the profile of the employee's competencies, information related to the fulfillment of work duties, attendance graphs, absenteeism.

The advantage of the personnel management system program is the encryption of all data during storage. Also, a log of all actions and access to the employee's digital profile is registered. With CELLYPSO you can easily track: who, when and what information about an employee viewed.

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Working time recording

Is important for the effective work of any branch of business

CELLYPSO is an automatic time recording system that allows you to monitor staff attendance, track the start and end of working hours.

By controlling the working time, the protocol is kept and breaks (work breaks) are planned. For example, a break is scheduled not earlier than 4 hours after the start of work with a duration of 60 minutes, and after 6 hours of work for 20 minutes. Each company sets its own time frame to recover from work.

The system of accounting of working time allows you to reduce the periods when employees do not pay adequate attention to their work duties (spend longer time at lunch, leave work earlier, etc.).

CELLYPSO's human resource management system maintains an automated digital log of how employees perform their job duties.

Monitoring of working time includes full integration with the module CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System as well as CELLYPSO - Housekeeping Management System.

CELLYPSO Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Structural element in the human resources department Software

Staff attendance includes periods related to vacation and sick leave.

In the first case, the program turns on an automatic approval system for the absence of managers and/or other approvers.

In the second case, it is control of hospital sheets to confirm absence.

The automated system monitors the attendance of employees of their workstations, statistics and counting the total number of hours spent on the fulfillment of work duties.

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Duty roster

Planning and control

In any business industry, the manager sets the roster of his employees himself.

The CELLYPSO system is an indispensable helper in a competently compiled duty roster for every day.

The software of the HR department allows flexible configuration of the work schedule, including templates that can be both arbitrary and familiar or customized. For example, the duty schedule can be set from Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00 or one working day and three days on the weekend (shift work).

The system is automated for all changes and adjustments.

CELLYPSO's modern web solution in the field of personnel accounting software enables digital documentation of leave, absence from work due to illness, personal circumstances individually for each employee.

CELLYPSO Personnel Management System - Internal news and information

Internal news and information

an important building block in the area of optimizing the work of each staff member

Employees can view company news, safety reminders or important job specifics of the position, information about the service or an additional product at any time.

For example, the hotel offers a pool, billiards or a spa that is open at certain times. In terms of other business, information can refer to a new product and describe its unique features, for example, a new phone model with modern functionality.

Access to information about new employees or information about birthdays and anniversaries of work in the organization, which is important for improving corporate culture and employee cohesion.

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App for employees

Mobile and convenient way to manage their work efficiently

The application is installed on the phone, and the staff itself can report on the time of arrival and departure from work. If necessary, a limitation of geolocation is also provided. Thus, the employee can be noticed within a radius of 200 m from the company headquarters.

With the application of CELLYPSO system software for personnel accounting, each employee keeps his leave schedule, reports the illness, transfers the sick sheet without personal visit to the workplace.

For managers, there is an option to approve an employee's absence (leave).

Employees can communicate with each other via text messages using the integrated messenger.

Full integration with all CELLYPSO modules, including CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System and CELLYPSO - Housekeeping Management System based on staff access rights.

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