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Hotel software - CELLYPSO

The hospitality industry is a growing sector that serves a wide range of customers, from business travelers to vacationers. Whether it's a guesthouse, vacation rental or hotel, these establishments are places of comfort and hospitality where guests can take a break from everyday life and be pampered.

For hotel owners and operators, it is critical to manage operations efficiently to improve service, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately maximize profits. This is where the modern CELLYPSO system comes in.

CELLYPSO is a web-based software solution designed to optimize and automate work in all hotel departments. From the front office, which handles reception and guest accommodation, to housekeeping, the technical department and human resources, CELLYPSO facilitates the management and control of all aspects of your hotel operation.

With CELLYPSO, you can not only automate your processes, but also improve them. You'll have all the information you need about what's happening in your hotel in one convenient format, allowing you to improve the quality of your service and increase customer satisfaction.

Satisfied guests are the best advertisement for your hotel. With CELLYPSO, you can be sure that your service is of the highest standard and that positive word of mouth will drive your business.

Choose CELLYPSO and experience how the management of your hotel becomes not only easier, but also more pleasant.

Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping Department

CELLYPSO's Housekeeping Management System revolutionizes the way your hotel manages cleaning services. It not only structures and optimizes the workflow and productivity of your staff, but also provides an accurate forecast of cleaning times for rooms and floors. With this system, you can ensure that your hotel is always clean and welcoming, resulting in higher guest satisfaction.

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Hotel Housekeeping Software - CELLYPSO
Hotel Housekeeping Software - CELLYPSO

Lost and Found

Storage and return of lost items

The CELLYPSO Lost & Found System automates and simplifies the management of lost and found items in your hotel. It enables efficient storage, return and disposal of lost items and provides accurate reporting. With this system, you can improve service to your guests while ensuring that all lost items are properly managed.

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Lost & Found - CELLYPSO
Lost & Found - CELLYPSO


Technical Department

CELLYPSO's maintenance system optimizes the management of your hotel's technical department. It automates and structures the processes of inventory, task creation, reporting and resource planning. With this system, you can ensure that all maintenance and repair work is planned and carried out efficiently, resulting in improved operational performance and customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance Management Software - CELLYPSO
Maintenance Management Software - CELLYPSO

Personnel Management

Human Resources

CELLYPSO's Personnel Management System automates and optimizes the management of your hotel's human resources department. It includes features such as hotel service automation, time tracking, work scheduling and attendance control. With this system, you can ensure that your staff is managed efficiently, resulting in improved operational performance and employee satisfaction.

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Personnel-Management-System - CELLYPSO
Personnel-Management-System - CELLYPSO