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Hotel process automation
Modern hotels need a modern system
Hotel software - CELLYPSO

The field of hotel business is always at the peak of popularity. People go on business trips, travel, want to take a rest from routine and stay in the facilities where they plan to spend time in comfort, where someone will take care of them and create coziness. Such facilities belong to the field of hotel industry: boarding houses, cottages, hotels, etc.

Hotel business owners can make good profits and develop their direction by managing the work processes competently, improving the reputation and general opinion of customers about the service.

The modern CELLYPSO system, which includes a web-based software solution for optimizing and automating work in all departments of the hotel, helps with this difficult work:

Thanks to the software, you remove the burden of constantly monitoring the work of employees and have all the information about what is happening in your hotel in a convenient format.

The CELLYPSO system contains all the necessary processes that not only automate work moments, but also extend them.

Customers will be satisfied with the service, and you will get profits and new guests, because the rumor about a high level of service will be spread by word of mouth and it is known that the most important method for the development of any direction of business.

Choose CELLYPSO and your work will always bring only joy.

Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping Department

The hotel's housekeeping management system structures and optimizes the progress and productivity of the staff. It forecasts the cleaning time in the rooms and floors.

Discover Housekeeping Software 

Hotel Housekeeping Software - CELLYPSO
Hotel Housekeeping Software - CELLYPSO

Lost and Found

Storage and return of lost items

The lost and found system - automation of the hotel's work in the area of return and disposal of lost property, report management.

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Lost & Found - CELLYPSO
Lost & Found - CELLYPSO


Technical Department

The system of repair and maintenance planning manages the processes and automates it in inventory, creation of current tasks, reports, resource planning.

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Maintenance Management Software - CELLYPSO
Maintenance Management Software - CELLYPSO

Personnel Management

Human Resources

The personnel management system includes automation of hotel services, time recording, work schedule and attendance.

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Personnel-Management-System - CELLYPSO
Personnel-Management-System - CELLYPSO