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Software solution CELLYPSO

CELLYPSO Business Process Management System is suitable for companies of any size. This can be business structures with a staff of 2 people as well as organizations with hundreds of employees.

CELLYPSO software fits perfectly into various business sectors - hospitality, commercial sector and many others.

Thanks to the modern model, business processes can be automated with the help of the system, depending on the specificity of the activity or specificity of the work.

The advantage of CELLYPSO is the possibility to introduce the processes of automation, optimization and extension in absolutely any department, be it the human resources department, the department of document traffic or the office of lost property.

Comfort, modernity, mobility and business development are guaranteed for every user of CELLYPSO software.


Human Resources Management

A modern HR management system CELLYPSO allows business owners in various industries to automate. For example, the work of the company's HR department: employee profiles, time tracking and attendance can be captured and recorded. Also, the software can inform employees about changes and news of the company.

Digital storage of information eliminates a large number of papers and contains all data in a single system, making it easier to find the information you need.

The automated personnel management system CELLYPSO enables every entrepreneur to be informed about all personnel changes in his company. Personnel can be managed and the ability to work and motivation of employees can be increased. Highly effective work of employees is an important step on the way to business development and profit generation.

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CELLYPSO - Housekeeping

Housekeeping Management Software

CELLYPSO - Housekeeping was developed to improve business processes in housekeeping.

Increase your profits and efficiency while reducing business expenses, eliminating paper documents, increasing productivity, and saving time and, most importantly, money.

With clear visibility and data-driven analytics, you can be sure your staff is performing optimally every day.

Efficient management of employees and all departments of housekeeping allows to optimize business processes, increase productivity of service staff to double digits, meet the wishes of guests, which means high ratings of the level, services and recommendation of your hotel as the excellent place for rest and pastime.

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CELLYPSO - Lost & Found

The management of losses and finds

The CELLYPSO lost and found software system is a lost and found manager that significantly reduces the burden on your organization while improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

The automated system is designed for the registration and management of lost assets.

The software in the lost and found office immediately informs about the loss and quickly and efficiently adapts to the special requirements of the municipal service sector.

With the help of the system for the management of lost and found property, it is possible to determine the material and monetary assets, increase the fees, satisfy the claims and automatically renew the book of lost property as the main document.

Automated management means efficiency for business managers and convenience for their customers.

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Repair and maintenance planning

The automated maintenance system is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that adapts to your needs and gives you full control over your maintenance and repair operations.

With a combination of intuitive user interface and powerful reports, CELLYPSO is a powerful and easy-to-use program for planning and organizing the maintenance system.

Preventive maintenance of equipment and premises can be performed with the help of the program. Easy storage and access to asset information such as: serial number, operation and maintenance manuals and warranty information is also supported.

The CELLYPSO - preventive maintenance program includes all the tools you need to extend the life of the equipment. The management of the maintenance of the equipment is based on the data.

Access comprehensive asset data that's secure, reliable and searchable. Everything from digital copies of manuals, diagrams, warranties and photos to detailed inspection and maintenance reports.

After the control, your decisions will be based on facts and you will have the opportunity to improve, to develop the business in the right direction.

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