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Lost & Found

The CELLYPSO Lost and Found Management System is an advanced solution that eliminates the need for traditional paper-based processes. Our automated software optimizes and configures business processes adapted to different areas of activity.

CELLYPSO Lost & Found Management System

CELLYPSO includes a large number of modules, including a specific module for the management of lost property.

Our software is versatile and suitable for:

In short, our automated lost and found system is used wherever people and customers interact.

The main advantages of the CELLYPSO Lost and Found Management System are its speed, simplicity and convenience. The system stores information about each lost or found item, allowing customers to report at a time that is convenient for them.

Customer satisfaction is synonymous with a high level of service and rapid feedback from the company. In addition, the CELLYPSO Lost and Found Management System offers other benefits:

With these benefits, the CELLYPSO Lost and Found Management System helps increase customer satisfaction while improving your company's efficiency and productivity.

CELLYPSO Management of lost and found items

Management of lost and found items

An essential aspect in the service sector of any customer-oriented company

The CELLYPSO system offers increased speed thanks to an automatic matching logic that implies the relationship between the information on the found object and the information on the claimant. The more information the requester provides and the more characteristics are described, the faster the matching takes place. Thus, the right object can be found quickly.

In addition, the CELLYPSO system takes into account the secure and legal handling of lost items such as credit cards, ID cards and other sensitive documents. It ensures that all confidential details remain private and that processes comply with local laws.

For items that cannot be returned to the rightful owner, CELLYPSO offers a number of options. For example, unclaimed clothing can be donated to local charities, while electronic devices and keys can be recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The CELLYPSO system also offers special features for exceptional situations, such as hazardous items or medicines, and ensures that these items are disposed of safely and in accordance with local laws.

With CELLYPSO, you can be confident that your organization is following best practices for managing lost and found items, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more efficient operations.

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Intelligent matching

The key to efficiency in lost and found

The CELLYPSO system is characterized by an automatic matching logic that allows a fast and efficient comparison of the information on the found objects with the data of the claimant. The more detailed the claimant's data and characteristics, the faster and more accurate the matching process. As a result, lost items can be matched and located in the shortest possible time.

Searching for lost items is quick and easy with this intelligent matching feature. The results are displayed on the screen within seconds, eliminating long waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction.

With CELLYPSO, customers do not have to waste their time with tedious searches. They benefit from an efficient service that exceeds their expectations and leads to top ratings.

Organize returns

Fast returns - happy customers

The speed with which a company returns lost or found items can have a significant impact on its competitive position. Fast returns lead to a better reputation in the eyes of your customers.

Customers often express dissatisfaction with poor service and long waits when looking for lost items. The CELLYPSO lost and found software can effectively avoid such situations, whatever the sector of your company.

With CELLYPSO lost and found software, you no longer need to worry about what your customers think of your service. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the lost and found process works and how quickly items are returned. By automating the process and using intelligent matching logic, the system can work quickly and efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing your company's reputation.

In addition, the software provides transparent and traceable tracking of lost items, further increasing customer confidence in your business. With CELLYPSO you can be sure that your lost property service is of the highest standard and that your customers are satisfied.

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Disposal and donation

Efficiently manage lost and found items

CELLYPSO allows you to manage lost property efficiently and effectively. Each item has its own retention period, which can be customized according to the type of item. These periods are based on specific retention requirements and ensure that each item is handled appropriately.

At the end of these periods, CELLYPSO provides the option to donate or properly dispose of items that are still in good condition. This allows not only an efficient management of lost and found items, but also a responsible use of resources.

Handling these processes electronically with CELLYPSO not only saves time, but also significantly increases flexibility. With our software, you can even organize auctions of found objects, which offers an additional opportunity to increase their value. With CELLYPSO, you can be sure that the management of lost property is as simple and efficient as possible.

CELLYPSO Management of lost and found items - Category management

Category Management

Structure and optimize the management of lost property

The CELLYPSO lost property software has customizable categories that allow for a detailed description of the items found. These attributes make it easier to match the item to the information provided by the claimant and to the specific characteristics of the item. For example, a smartphone may have attributes such as manufacturer, color, and whether it has a protective case. When the display is turned on, individual information is displayed.

Each item has specific characteristics. For a stuffed animal, this could be information about color, shape, and size. In short, each lost or found item has specific attributes that the lost and found software system uses to find the items it is looking for.

The use of categories allows for more efficient management and retrieval of lost and found items. It also facilitates communication with customers by allowing them to provide a detailed description of the lost item, which speeds up the search. In addition, categorization allows for better tracking and management of inventory, resulting in more efficient use of resources.

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Data-driven decisions for efficient lost and found

The CELLYPSO lost and found system offers comprehensive reporting that gives you a deep insight into the management of lost and found items. With detailed statistics on the number of lost, found and returned items, as well as information on the retention period for each item category, you'll always have an overview of all activities in your lost and found.

Our reporting allows you to make informed decisions and continually improve your processes. You can spot trends, identify bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of your lost and found office.

In addition, the CELLYPSO lost and found system provides an easy and effective way to handle lost and found items and missing person inquiries on a daily basis. With our detailed reports, you can make the return process more efficient and ensure that no item is missed.

With CELLYPSO, you'll have your lost and found under control and be able to provide excellent service that will increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your company's image.

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