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Hotel Housekeeping Management Software

CELLYPSO Housekeeping Management System is an innovative solution specifically designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of housekeeping staff in hotels and other hospitality facilities.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management Software

The Hotel Housekeeping Management System provides comprehensive task management, allowing your staff to plan tasks in advance, create tasks on demand and have a transparent view of who is doing what, when and where.

With CELLYPSO, you can maintain housekeeping consistency and avoid negative guest experiences by implementing best practices in housekeeping management and optimizing your hotel's operations.

The hotel housekeeping management system also incorporates the "5S" management principles, known for good housekeeping practices in the workplace. These principles include "organization", "order", "cleanliness", "standardization" and "discipline".

With CELLYPSO, you can be sure that your housekeeping team works efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing excellent service to your guests.

Choose CELLYPSO and experience how our housekeeping management system can transform your business.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System offers:

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System is a comprehensive tool that covers all aspects of housekeeping management, helping to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Every business owner strives to run a profitable business. Losses and shortcomings can lead to closure or, in the worst case, bankruptcy. To avoid such problems, it is advisable to take advantage of the support of the modern housekeeping system CELLYPSO. Real hotel professionals appreciate the advantages. Managers and the entire housekeeping staff can ensure smooth operation of the hotel. Regular innovations in housekeeping allow the management of all departments involved in the hotel's housekeeping function. The use of a housekeeping app adds mobility to optimization. Owners can monitor any changes in their operation from anywhere.

Automated management improves the quality of hotel services. Satisfied guests lead to increased profits and a happy owner. With CELLYPSO Housekeeping, you can ensure that your hotel is always clean and welcoming, resulting in returning guests and a strong market position. By integrating CELLYPSO into your operations, you can increase staff efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase profitability.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System

Dynamic planning

Optimal staffing according to demand

The CELLYPSO housekeeping system offers flexible planning that optimizes the use of housekeeping staff while ensuring high cleaning quality. The integration of the Housekeeping App simplifies the recording of staff working hours and enables intelligent management and planning of working hours, taking into account holidays and sick leave.

The software also takes into account the division into sections, i.e. rooms, each of which is assigned to a cleaner. This section makes it possible to optimize movements within the hotel and increase efficiency.

It is possible to divide the rooms into teams and also into SWING teams, i.e. teams responsible for different sections that change according to the day of the week. This dynamic planning makes it possible to efficiently distribute the workload and maximize productivity.

The CELLYPSO system also provides a visual representation of the schedule so that gaps, overlaps and potential errors in the scheduling process can be easily identified and corrected. This results in increased efficiency and satisfaction for both staff and guests.

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Predictable Cleaning Time

Predicting cleaning time is an essential aspect of housekeeping management

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System calculates individual cleaning schedules on a daily basis based on a variety of criteria, including the number of guests, room condition, type of cleaning, additional work and guest requests.

The cleaning of a room can vary from guest to guest. For example, cleaning a room for a business traveler is different than cleaning a room for a family with children. Traditional credit systems often cannot account for these differences, resulting in inaccurate cleaning times. This can place an additional burden on housekeeping management, as inaccurate estimates must constantly be used to achieve the best possible result.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate accurate cleaning times. This enables more efficient staff scheduling and improves the quality of cleaning. In addition, the system enables better control and monitoring of cleaning processes, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

With the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System you can be sure that your cleaning processes run optimally and that your guests are always satisfied.

Track employee progress

Optimize employee performance through real-time monitoring and analysis

With the CELLYPSO Housekeeping App you can track the progress of your employees in real time and adjust their performance for higher productivity and efficiency. With the app, you can not only track the number of tasks completed and errors made, but also measure the time spent on non-cleaning activities. These are often the "hidden costs" of housekeeping, but can have a significant impact on overall efficiency.

In addition, the application provides a transparent view of each employee's performance, which helps motivate housekeeping staff. By accurately tracking working hours and breaks, you can ensure that your employees are using their time efficiently and completing their tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping App is more than just a tool for monitoring staff performance. It is a comprehensive system that helps you optimize the workflow of your housekeeping team while increasing employee satisfaction and motivation.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System

Employee App

Mobile Housekeeping - efficiency and convenience at your fingertips

Employees use mobile housekeeping without special software training. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to use.The CELLYPSO Housekeeping App is a powerful tool that simplifies and optimizes the work process. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the app is easy to use and requires no special training.

With the app, employees can efficiently manage their tasks and record their working hours. In the event of a disruption, information is automatically routed to the appropriate employees for quick and effective resolution.

The application is fully integrated with the CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System and CELLYPSO - Lost and Found Items Management module. This allows for comprehensive management of repair and maintenance work, as well as lost or forgotten items.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping application also takes into account exceptional situations, such as "do not disturb" requests from guests or changes in work schedules. This flexibility makes it possible to efficiently plan and adjust staff work.

In addition, the application provides access to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for quick and effective staff training. With clear instructions and examples, staff can learn how to perform certain tasks, such as making beds or arranging items in the bathroom.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping App is more than a tool - it's a partner that helps increase productivity, improve communication and enhance service quality.

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Manager App

Effective control and optimal communication

The CELLYPSO Manager App is a powerful tool that helps you keep track of your expectations. With a dedicated checklist, the app supports room inspection and allows you to check room status.

The mobile housekeeping solution automates communication and optimizes the time that would otherwise be spent transmitting information to service staff. The CELLYPSO system makes it possible to manage the inspection process in real time and avoid delays.

Managers spend a lot of time training their staff, teaching them what schedule to follow and how to clean the rooms and areas of the hotel. With Mobile Housekeeping, you can overcome the obstacles that hinder the work process in the hotel industry.

With the CELLYPSO Manager app, you'll have control over all aspects of the housekeeping process, from staff scheduling to room inspections, and you'll be able to increase your team's efficiency and productivity.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System enables efficient management of working capital. It ensures that all employees and managers are always aware of current inventory levels and which items need to be reordered.

The system makes it possible to accurately check the availability of working capital at any time and to compare actual data with accounting metrics.

By automating inventory processes, the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System reduces the number of errors that can result from manual calculations. This results in cost savings and increased productivity.

With the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System, you can ensure that your inventory is always up to date, leading to more efficient management and better business results.

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Reports and Analysis

Know your numbers

Reports and analytics are important tools in the hospitality industry. They allow hotel managers to monitor and improve their hotel's performance. They cover everything from finances and strategic goals to daily operations, detailed analysis, and incident management. These reports help hoteliers evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies, policies and procedures.

In the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System, the reporting and analysis module has been developed down to the smallest detail to cover the most important aspects of each line of business. Comprehensive, accurate, timely and useful reports enable every hotel team to optimize productivity, improve business processes and find those "special" places and turn them into assets.

By using data analysis, you can find ways to increase revenues, reduce costs, optimize hotel operations and improve guest satisfaction. With the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System, you can use this data analysis to improve your hotel's performance. It allows you to manage the inspection process in real time, avoiding delays and improving your hotel's performance.

With the CELLYPSO Housekeeping System, you can be sure that you know your numbers and are always up to date. It gives you the tools you need to monitor and improve your hotel's performance.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity through optimized processes

Organizing and optimizing hotel processes with CELLYPSO Housekeeping significantly increases the productivity of the entire department. Here are some examples of how CELLYPSO achieves this:

  • Use of technology: CELLYPSO uses cutting-edge technology to automate and optimize workflows to increase efficiency.
  • Agile task lists and training programs: CELLYPSO allows you to create flexible task lists and training programs tailored to the specific needs of your housekeeping team.
  • Real-time reporting: CELLYPSO allows you to monitor the progress of your staff in real time and to react quickly to problems.
  • Improved communication: CELLYPSO promotes effective communication within the housekeeping team, resulting in improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Positive and motivated team environment: CELLYPSO helps to create a positive and motivated working environment, which increases productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Inventory management: CELLYPSO enables effective inventory management, resulting in less waste and greater efficiency.

With CELLYPSO Housekeeping, you can be sure that your housekeeping team is always working at the highest level of productivity.

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