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Hotel Housekeeping Management Software

CELLYPSO is a modern solution for automating business processes in various industries, one of which is hotel housekeeping.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management Software

The Hotel Housekeeping Management System was developed and successfully introduced into the work of housekeeping to help the owner develop and set a leadership position among competitors in the hotel industry market.

CELLYPSO is a professional web-based solution for automating, optimizing and extending business processes and is suitable for companies regardless of the size of their business units and the number of employees.

With the Hotel Housekeeping Management System, the general manager expands his customer base and receives a high assessment for the activities and profit growth.

CELLYPSO Housekeeping - ist:

Every entrepreneur wants his business to make only profits. Losses and imperfections in the work lead to closure and even worse - bankruptcy. To avoid such problems, you should secure for yourself the help of the modern CELLYPSO Housekeeping System, the advantages of which are precisely appreciated by real professional hoteliers. The manager and the whole housekeeping staff will be able to ensure the smooth operation of the hotel. Regular innovations in the work of housekeeping allow to regulate all departments involved in the work of housekeeping of the hotel. And with the housekeeping application, in addition to optimization, mobility is also provided. In any place owners can track all changes in the performance of their business.

Automated management improves the quality of services in the hotel. Satisfied are the guests, the profit grows and the business owner is satisfied.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System

Dynamic planning

Optimal personnel planning according to demand

Mobile housekeeping will create a schedule and distribute duty among housekeeping staff so that staffing is supplemented to require minimal staff, and cleaning in rooms and other spaces will be performed at the highest level.

Integration with the housekeeping app facilitates the work of managing staff working time. Application CELLYPSO Housekeeping allows you to competently manage the staff, schedule their work schedule taking into account vacation time and sickness.

In the work is considered the division into sections (sections), ie rooms, each of which is attached to the responsible maid. This division allows you to optimize the movement on the area of the hotel.

It is possible to divide into teams (Team) as well as SWING teams. Regular teams satisfy the staffing needs in the different sections (sections). However, since a hotel works on a 7-day a week basis, additional staff is also needed when the regular staff is off. To compensate for these days off, SWING teams can be provided using the software.

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Anticipatory cleaning time

All criteria in the work of the service of housekeeping are taken into account

CELLYPSO Housekeeping calculates an individual cleaning schedule for rooms and spaces for each day. Cleaning is done according to the intellectual planning and differs depending on many criteria such as number of guests, status of the room, type of cleaning, additional tasks, wishes of the guest and others.

Cleaning the same rooms for the guest who arrived at a hotel for the time of business trip and for a family with children will differ. If you use a traditional credit system, you can ignore the difference in cleaning time inherent in different guests. In this case, the cleaning time is inaccurate, which puts the housekeeping manager in a bind and imposes additional tasks on him. The manager constantly manages inaccurate estimates to achieve the best result.

The CELLYPSO Housekeeping System works like a clock and the cleaning time is precisely scheduled.

Track employee progress

The Housekeeping application allows tracking the progress of the staff in real time and directing their work capacity towards increasing productivity and even more efficiency.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System

Employee app

Mobile housekeeping facilitates the work process

Employees use mobile housekeeping without special software training. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

In case of need for repair, the information is automatically forwarded to responsible personnel. Integration with CELLYPSO - Maintenance Management System and it means that all the equipment is constantly monitored its condition and repair work on it.

If the guests have lost or forgotten belongings or other items, the information about their whereabouts is automatically saved in the CELLYPSO - Lost and Found Items Management module.

In addition, the housekeeping system contains information about exceptions, such as when guests ask them "do not disturb" or that they should "come later". The system takes such adjustments into account and plans the staff's further work with these changes.

Thanks to the automated system, the employee in each room is informed about his tasks and knows about the guests' wishes.

Access to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) This allows you to train the staff in the shortest possible time and be a forecast for the staff. Thanks to this access, you can clearly see how the bed should be tidied or the accessories should be placed in the bathroom.

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Manager app

Control what you expect

The housekeeping app helps inspect rooms with a special checklist that checks the status of rooms.

Mobile housekeeping automates communication and optimizes the time that would otherwise have been spent transmitting information to service staff.

The CELLYPSO - system allows you to control the review process in real time and avoid delays.

Managers spend most of their time training their employees on what schedule to work and how to clean the rooms and spaces in the hotel.

With mobile housekeeping you can forget about the difficulties that stop the process of working in the hotel industry.

CELLYPSO Hotel Housekeeping Management System


CELLYPSO Housekeeping sets up this area so that all employees and managers always know what inventory is available and what needs to be purchased.

The system allows you to conduct a competent verification of the availability of tangible assets to the exact date of the time and compare the actual data with the indicators of accounting.

Thus, the modern CELLYPSO - system, including the housekeeping application, reduces the number of errors that happen by manual methods of calculations, reduces costs and increases productivity.

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Reports and analysis

Know your numbers

In CELLYPSO Housekeeping System the module is developed in detail, devoted to the important components of each branch of business - the analysis of the information and the report on the performed work.

Comprehensive, accurate, timely and useful reports enable any hotel team to optimize productivity, enhance business processes, find all the "special" places and turn them into assets.

Increased productivity

The organization and optimization of the hotel's processes with CELLYPSO Housekeeping will increase the productivity of the whole department many times over.

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